Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Scary Signs In Tokyo's Metro

You can feel a little like you've entered the movie, The Truman Show, when you start reading all the warning signs in the Tokyo metro. Remember all those anti-travel signs in the movie, to keep poor Truman from ever leaving the area? If you totally believe some of the signs in the Tokyo metro, you'll never get on a train.

People with cell phones are definitely going to push you onto the tracks and then you will die.

Cartoon drunks are everywhere. What's rushing onto a train like? Like running off a cliff, of course.

Even sweating aliens should not go after a dropped cell phone.

Strong colors, incomprehensible message. Best guess, passing in narrow places along the platform is a no-no. Definitely do not cross these guys!

Setting a new low (high?) bar on warnings. Make sure you are escalator certified.

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