Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The Kelantan State Museum In Kota Bharu

The main state museum in Kota Bharu looks nice, at least from the hint of what's currently open while the place is undergoing a major renovation. Good for the state of Kelantan, unfortunate for visitors passing through at the moment.

A few exhibits are still available to see, mostly examples of traditional textiles and cultural tools.

What's big? Kites, known locally as "wau bulan," and shadow puppetry or "wayang kulit."

Top ("gasing" in Malay) spinning is a popular diversion, nicely illustrated in a hand-crafted diorama.

Traditional Muslim cap. Combining cultural touchstones in a mural, featuring traditional wear, games, drumming and kite flying. Fun for all.

Back to the diorama, a nice detail of palms in 2- and 3-D.

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