Monday, 24 December 2018

Celebrating The Holiday In Asia

It's monsoon season in Kuala Lumpur, hardly the type of weather one associates with a traditional winter wonderland of holiday cheer. No matter, Asians know the holiday is for shopping and the universal desire to give and get gifts. Santa is coming and you'd better watch out, indeed.

Getting in the mood.

In a traditional outdoor market, a half-hearted attempt to deck the place.

High fashion winter wear, in 90ยบ heat. Watch out for the girl with green eyes, she means business.

Mall photo-op. In a hotel fantasyland installation, several warnings.

What the..? Yup, a gingerbread mosque. Pretty much impossible to reconcile.

Another hotel, another display with an interesting mashup. The place is near a dinosaur fossil area. For the ladies, a chance to get frisky.

Everyone into the giant holiday ball pool. Consuming mayhem reigns.


  1. Aiyah, those crazy Asians never miss a beat!
    So enjoy!
    Merry Christmas from Portland, where a merry time is becoming an unbecoming privilege. Yuck.
    No snow, no reindeer, no deck the halls - but a good time with our son, drinking his wine and thinking of friends, far away but close in our hearts..
    Great photos, wish we were there.
    Jonas & Betsy

  2. Sarah and James,
    Can't honestly say I was there, but I do wish you the best for a great 2019. Sarah, I often think fondly about the time we spent working together. Miss your laugh and smile. My wife and i now live six months of the year in Tallahassee and six months in Traverse City, Michigan -- both great towns. SoFla sports teams continue to suck, with the possible exception of the Heat, which has won five straight games. Take care guys and stay safe. Dan Norman

  3. Merry Christmas Sarah and James!
    And a very healthy and prosperous New Year!

  4. The above is from Rene Guim, Miami, Florida.

  5. Thank you for sharing! Always good to hear from you and how you're succeeding in the service. I'm not sure if you've been watching "Humans," but if you have you'll know the mannequin with the green eyes has likely just become sentient. Happy holidays!