Monday, 10 December 2018

The Drug Elimination Museum In Yangon

There's a curious museum on the outskirts of central Yangon that's devoted to the military's epic fight and success against the drug trade during the 1980's in Myanmar. It's a giant warehouse of a place, three big floors filled with maps, charts, photographs, statistics, stories and life-size dioramas illustrating various interdiction highlights. All glory to the military for saving Myanmar.

Inside, big spaces, not many (any) people visiting.

Illustrating the war in classic 3D map terms. What's a drug war without a plane?

Position made clear. The museum's core audience must be school field trips.

Samples of various drugs. We do not want to find out what locker room/rush does!

Johnnie Walker, drawing the short straw as the alcohol villain.

Heroic paintings all over the place, a classic glorification tool.

Un-helping hands, about six feet long. We get the message.

Endless maps and photographs, the whole drug war preserved for future generations and preserved for its protagonists.

Intro to military royalty.

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