Monday, 24 December 2018

Drug Use Choice At The Drug Elimination Museum

At the heart of the exhibitions at the Drug Elimination Museum are a series of impressive dioramas with life-size models. There dioramas illustrate various themes, mostly scenes of military intervention.

There are also scenes depicting civilian choices. See what drug use looks like, where it leads and what kind of life you can lead that's drug-free, happy and fulfilling.

The classic drug user, a poor man in a village hooked on opium.

What you should be doing, going to school and obeying the program. Even if you're good, you may find yourself at a funeral of a loved one, taken by the drug scourge.

Sickness and death.

What to do with the fields where poppies once flourished? Grow other crops! Or raise bees. Sweet!

Stay true and you'll grow up to wear fancy clothes and carry fancy flowers.

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