Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Strykers Visit Vilnius

Everyone asks us if the conflict in Ukraine is influencing actions in Lithuania. Are the Lithuanians worried? Yes and Yes. Lithuania is in a different situation. It's part of NATO and fully-integrated with Western Europe (almost: it moves to the Euro in January). But after being repeatedly occupied by Russia, Lithuanians remain wary.

The US is holding joint exercises with their allies in the Baltic States. Earlier this summer, Sarah and James got to greet a special delivery of a group of Strykers, brought over for training.

The Strykers flew first class on a giant C-5 out of West Virginia.

Watching the unloading on the tarmac. The plane's lineage.

Out come the Strykers.

Ready to get going. The pilot was of Lithuanian descent, a big hit with the local media.

American might isn't quiet.

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