Friday, 22 August 2014

The TV Set Sculpture At Europos Parkas, LNK Infotree

The most famous sculpture at Europos Parkas set a Guinness world record for most TV sets used in an artwork. It's by the founder of the park, Gintaras Karosas. Unfortunately, only a tiny bit of the piece remains, as nature and thieves took their toll. Seems the obsolete TVs had enough valuable metals to warrant stripping.

What's left, still fun to look at.

An old Lenin sculpture is part of the installation. He, too, was in better shape when the piece was new. The piece speaks to communism falling before popular culture - TV triumphs! Now, the sculpture's message is murkier in this social media saturation age. Seems fitting.

Lithuanians were asked to donate their old TVs for the cause. No RCA, Sony or GE sets in the bunch.

There's still a flow to the work.

And beauty. And LNK Infotree ain't bad, either.

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