Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Great Graffiti In Rome

Sure, Rome is all historical and everything, sometimes looking so intact that you could have died and gone to Busch Gardens theme heaven. Just don't tell the rebellious youth, busy tagging whatever they can.

Graffiti can have its stars (hello Banksy). Meet Hogre. Google Hogre. Try to figure out why it's important to show a priest getting young women to lick holy keys. Or just enjoy the image.

A couple of bubble dots on an intercom box and you have a face, ready for a speech balloon. You've been outed. Now go see what Tinder is. Because they definitely saw you.

Fantastic graffiti. Can it be considered graffiti, so perfect in scale and site specific? What balance!

A kinder, gentler graffiti, paper that's been plastered.

Back to Hogre, whose death has been greatly exaggerated.

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