Thursday, 25 December 2014

Rabbit Rejoice!

We brought our famous Rabbit from India. If you're not familiar with Rabbit's rep, start here or simply search "Rabbit" on the blog to bring up many, many Rabbit-related posts. The posts bred like, well...enjoy.

How was Rabbit's first winter holiday in Lithuania?

Hanging with Sarah, staying warm with a scarf in the Rotuse (town square). Rabbit Rotuse?

Soon enough, Rabbit attracts the kids. Time for a little posing.

James and Rabbit in a stare down.

Rabbit gets around, just hanging out as people (ringers) walk by. Another location, another set of folks wanting a snap with Rabbit.

Rabbit helping feed another species.

Back in the town square, Rabbit enjoying a story, and looking suave in a red scarf.

Rejoice for Rabbit!

Happy Holidays to everyone, rave on with Rabbit in 2015! 


  1. Hilarious! I would have loved to see the faces of all those Lithuanians as you wandered around town with Rabbit. It's almost enough to make me wish I was back there now! Happy Holidays, Rabbit. Sarah and James!

  2. One casual stop over for Rabbit... One giant leap for James! you guys are pros at this! Happy Holidays to Rabbit and you.

  3. I'm curious... who won the stare-down?

  4. Rabbit always wins. That thing isn't human.

  5. This is ripe for some kind of pun in reference to Updike's 'Rabbit' novels, but I can't quite come up with one. Maybe, moving from India to the EU, 'Rabbit is Rich'?...

  6. Right you are- search Rabbit and you'll find many, many more posts with the play of Rabbit/Updike butchered references- Rabbit is Real!

  7. "Gotta Dance!!!" With that musically decorated tree and your poised jump can't think of a better song.