Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Rabbit Hole

For some reason the quasi municipal trashcan in Chennai is a sort of mutant white rabbit with a kangaroo pouch.  And to top it off, the pouch says "Use Me" on it.  You certainly pay attention. They're kind of cute, especially when you start to look at them less as a set of randomly-placed trashcans and more as an accidental, environmental art piece.  Depending where you find them, the rabbits seem to take on unique personalities.

Don't let Jeff Koons know, unless you want to see 200k ripoffs at an upcoming Sotheby's auction...

Sometimes they're ready for an ambush and sometimes they're ready to play.

Sometimes they hang with other rabbits. Wait, who invited the penguin? And where's my ear!?


  1. These are so wonderfully bizarre. They remind me of old Ronald McDonald statuettes, with the rose blushed toes reminiscent of clown shoes and the white pancake makeup. The amazing thing is how unscathed they seem. Yeah, they're a bit bruised, but no graffiti or creative alterations. They're not just in playgrounds?!

  2. I love these...but you knew I probably would.

  3. I want one. Are they heavy? Do you think I could get through customs with one?

    I particularly like the "Use Me" sign on them. It's just a little bit, well, suggestive.