Saturday, 30 July 2011

Houses of Tamil

HTemp:  35c
Rain:       8.9cm
`-$:         44.20

On the way to Mamallapuram, we stopped at Dakshinachitra, a sort of Williamsburg of the state of Tamil Nadu. It's a combination arts complex, historic compound and research center.  

The buildings -- or heritage houses -- represent the various regions of South India.  The 17 buildings were purchased, dismantled and rebuilt on the sprawling Dakshinachitra campus.

There were several craftspeople hawking their wares.  Here, a woman demonstrates a paper toy.  Exterior of a merchant house.

The real deal: madras fabric.  And don't you forget it.  Who invited Elvis Costello to the Turban demo?

Funky sculpture abounded.  Funkier sculpture could be found in the gift shop.  Who wants a fish slasher on their bookshelf?

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