Monday, 25 July 2011

Beauties Of Burden

HTemp:  34c
Rain:       1.3cm
`-$:         44.40

We know women bear the brunt of cleaning this country.  It's no surprise to see them sweeping everywhere, even for the official municipal cleanup crew.  But that back-breaking work seems to be only the beginning of hard work for women.  Here in India, it seems your skill set trumps your gender in the jobs you can land.  Or maybe employers know women make better workers.  They're out getting dirty, moving heavy loads, bringing home money to better their family.  The men, well...

Construction sites are mostly filled with men, as one would expect, and they're working hard bending rebar, plastering, doing masonry work.  But the tough hauling seems to be reserved mostly for the beauties of burden.

Woman mixing concrete.  Notice the ring on her head used for balancing the impending load.  Two women at a pump, filling up with the water they'll need for the day.  This pump isn't some rural outpost -- it's right around the corner from where we live, along a main commercial street.

And the men?  Once you reach the rung to hold down something less blue collar, you grab it and sit on it. Here's a typical watchman at a construction site.

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