Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tuk And Ride

About as ubiquitous as an NYC taxi, the auto rickshaw of Chennai is seen everywhere, all the time, in motion and at rest.  A thrill ride on three wheels for around `50.  They look like a Vespa on steroids but the drugs missed the little go-kart engine.  No steering wheel, no hard top, no seat belts, no closed sides.  When you come to a stop, the engine conks out and the operator has to yank a long handle on the floor to his left to bring the motor back to life.  And then you're off again.

We were warned to avoid tuk tuks (moms, stop reading now) as the accident rate is high and the damage rate higher.  But they're convenient, cheap and sooo much fun.  The thrill of darting through much bigger traffic is like an unpredictable amusement ride.  You gotta take it!

After a long, hard day (actually, around 11am.  A lot of napping and newspaper reading goes on)

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