Friday, 29 July 2011

Return Of Rabbit

Some of you may remember Rabbit Hole.  If not, click the link to check him out.  Got it?  Good.  He's back.  He's a different color and he brought some new friends.

Why so blue, rabbit?  Is it because you're now in a gas station intsead of a park and the trash is worse?  You've still got that look.  And where'd you find the proud penguin?

The widest mouth bass of them all?  Hello albino chipmunk, your fly is open.

After watching James shoot photos for awhile at the gas station, the attendants wanted in on the action.  Before you knew it, the penguin had a crew.  And then it got silly once the rupee roll came out.  It's all about the Gandhis. "Yo, straight pumpin', yo."

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