Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Holy Cow Town

HTemp:  34c
Rain:       6.9cm
`-$:         44.01

We're not overrun, but cows are everywhere -- right here in the city.  They seem to belong to the streets, but if you do a little observation, you find they do have homes and caretakers.  It's just that the street is their pasture, and no one complains.  Such is the privilege of being holy.

Calves on the street; cows on the street.  This little herd was right outside our apartment, drifting down the lane.

Cows at construction sites. Cows eating trash -- a common sight (when the goats haven't claimed that "turf").

They do have a home.  Here a man is busy milking a cow right in the back of a store on the main commercial street near our apartment.  Does the milk get any more fresh?  Sarah with a cow imitating a Cuyp pose.  He would have been inspired.

Wait, that's a dog. How'd he get here?  Cooper!  Turns out we dog-sat him and he's sneaky....


  1. we have that dining room table, too!

  2. Off topic just thought I'd mention it's a chilling 15ªC/55F here - yes in July. And there
    are drunken rioters in the dumpsters. Miss you!!!