Saturday, 23 July 2011


HTemp:  37c
Rain:       1.5cm
`-$:         44.34

The FSOs and EFMs (who remembers their acronyms?) like to get together for parties and they have four main excuses:

Birthday Party (child)
Hail (arriving FSO and family, your name here)
Farewell (departing FSO and family, your name here)
Holiday (yours, ours, theirs)

Every weekend features one or more of the above bashes.  So what does it look like?  Well...

The party is usually at someone's house -- either hosted by them or a potluck affair.  Everyone takes his shoes off before entering.

Typical cocktail/brunch style meandering and chit chat.  Always a gaggle of kids with parents wrangling. 

And what keeps us going back over and over again to practically the same party every time?  Why the spread, of course!  (Especially the brownies)

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  1. Thanks for taking pics at our brunch! I never did get around to taking any. And I think you nailed all the party excuses. Though today's party is a baby shower! Maureen