Monday, 4 July 2011

Kooray For Kollywood!

HTemp:  37c
Rain:       0.0"
`-$:         44.42

It didn't take long for James to run into a film set in Chennai, where the movie and TV production community is known as Kollywood.  (Kollywood is a combination of the Kodambakkam neighborhood at the center of the Tamil film industry and, of course, Hollywood).  The set was located right on Chennai's beach, Marina Beach, and the scene we happened upon had something to do with kids racing around on horses.  No doubt soon to break out in song!

Getting ready to shoot the big race

The production, taking place under a blistering sun on scorching sand, looked a bit rag-tag with no lights and few tools, but the cameras were the same kind James has been using in his most recent projects.  We'll proudly call it technological democracy.

The Director

Setting up a crane move

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