Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Visiting An American Temple

HTemp:  33c
Rain:       4.3cm
`-$:         44.17

The mall, of course.  Chennai has a few American temples and the developers have done a nice job re-creating the classic design:  multi-story, bright lights, glass elevators, center atrium.  And shopping, shopping shopping, brand names, brand names, brand names.  Stepping inside one of these malls feels like you're getting perilously close to being on the set of The Truman Show.

Sarah was among a group of consulate employees helping to host a "Taste of America" festival, complete with ice cream eating contest and USA trivia.  As you might have guessed, examples of America's taste included McDonald's, Subway and Baskin Robbins.  The red, white and b(alloon)lue was on display.

One store was different from the usual Banana Sports Republic Authority, the equivalent of the tuxedo shop.  The Indians know the penguin look is for the birds.  We've been warned about the inevitability of us getting "Delhi belly." We guess it was inevitable that it would also become a motion picture.  Looks bad all around.

Well lookee here, who's shilling for Omega watches?  Did they think they could lay low in India?  In Chennai?  8 million people and no one would tell?

Sarah with the SubMan, whoever that is.  Which department store translated its name into Tamil?

English, of course: Marks & Spencer.

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