Monday, 18 July 2011

Mamallapuram Malapropisms

HTemp:  37c
Rain:       0.5cm
`-$:         44.57

In addition to the impressive stone carvings and temples in Mamallapuram, there were plenty of living things upon which to gaze.

A fortune teller with his clairvoyant parrot taking a break to check voice mail.  "Any afternoon tellings?"  A goat-human stare-down.

Somehow, the mini-real estate of the wall is more attractive than the ground.  Landscape with fortune teller -- slightly reminiscent of Manet's Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe, which would, of course, be too risque for South India...

Monkey gate.  Another view of the big rock called Butterball.  The picture reminds us of....

... the wonderful photographer Francis Frith and his beautiful historical landscapes that sometimes feature little people peppered about.  The humans make the scale!

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  1. Sarah - I hope all is well in Chennai. These pictures make me want to take a trip to India. That and the thought of finding $22 billion hidden in one of these temples.