Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Shh... S Is Coming

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You know you've arrived when you only need one name -- Bono, Pele, Divine.  Kick it up a notch, if you get it down to one letter.  How about S?  S is coming this week and the consulate is bursting with excitement.  And working literally around the clock to prepare.  This is, after all, theater of the grandest diplomatic order.  To top it off, it's the first time S is visiting Chennai. The first time for any S to visit Chennai.  Ever.

S is coming in from New Delhi on Wednesday.  S will be busy, as befitting the importance of S.  S's itinerary has various themes:  cultural, economic, political.  S will deliver a speech, meet with the colorful and wildly popular Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa and take in a dance performance. On Thursday, she'll depart for Bali. Did we mention S is a busy person?

Who is S?  Well....S stands for Secretary and if you add State, you get:

Welcome S!

Here's an article in the Indian press on S's visit:  S is coming to Chennai!

They do have a particular way of writing -- and interesting word choice -- in the Indian press, don't they? Kind of entertaining.

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