Sunday, 24 July 2011

FSO: Foreign Service Open

HTemp:  36c
Rain:       0.5cm
`-$:         44.34

Another excuse for Consulate folks to get together is the themed event.  Shopping, touring, movies, baby showers, whatever strikes your fancy.  For a dozen of us this weekend, it was tennis.  Let the games begin!

What's the first order of business?  Sweeping, of course.  The field is set; the trophies await the victors.

The tournament was held at the Consul General's residence -- where many consulate tennis players spend early morning hours practicing and taking lessons -- not just to indulge our love of mediocre tennis, but to honor our soon-to-depart Consul General Andy Simkin and his lovely wife Bess.  He has been a great boss and they were gracious hosts whom we will all miss.

The players.  Let the bragging rights start.

Early energy and dreams of victory.  Watching the action, sizing up the competition.

More fun than games, the spirit of the day.  Team Terrible having a bad game.  We were bounced early.

A cheerleader or two showed up for support.  And the winners were....Kataneh and Peter.  Congrats!

Many thanks to Kataneh for organizing, Andy for hosting and everyone else who helped with the event!

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  1. James - thank you so much for taking these great pics & posting!! Hopefully we can get everyone out more often! Kataneh

  2. I think my favorite part was the pre-match sweeping. You weren't kidding!!!

  3. Thank you James.
    If we play by age division, I have a chance :)

    One of the 12 players.