Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Receive No Evil

HTemp:  36c
Rain:       0.5"
`-$:         44.48

Here are a couple of little totems we've noticed that are used to ward off evil spirits:

It looks a bit funny, but you see a lot of cars with a set of braids sticking out of the front bumper and dragging on the ground.  One might think it's a joke, sort of like stuffed animals attached to big rigs or those trucker b*lls you find in the back of...never mind.  No joke, the braids are there to keep evil spirits away.  Does Geico offer a discount for this option?

There's another little sign at construction sites.  In the U.S., we like to place a tree on top of an under-construction building, once it has reached its final height -- known as "topping out."  Here in India, it's all about deflecting evil.

The enforcer?  How about a painted pumpkin:

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