Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Don't Doubt Thomas

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Another of the relatively few general tourist stops in Chennai is the Basilica of San Thomas.  Its claim to fame is being one of only three basilicas in the world built where an apostle is buried.  This one is built over the tomb of St. Thomas Didymus -- aka Doubting Thomas. 

It's a nice old church built in the Neo Gothic style, having been rebuilt by the Portuguese around 1523 and then again by the British in 1893.

Thomas, of course, is known for doubting Jesus' resurrection and demanding to see his wounds.  Thomas only believed after being offered a chance to touch Jesus' wounds.  A piece of bone from Thomas' infamous finger - used to touch Jesus' side - is among the artifacts on display in the Basilica.   It's a little creepy.

Peacock and lotus are big in Hindu temple decoration
so why not also in the Basilica? 

Not sure why poor old James gets a bad title.
At least he gets to look like Charlton Heston.

Blinking lights add some garish flair.

But sometimes the illumination is just right.


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