Thursday, 28 July 2011

Baskin Raj

HTemp:  34c
Rain:       0.0cm
`-$:         44.07

We went for a little ice cream on a recent Sunday.  One can get pre-packaged frozen-cone treats at a lot of small establishments, but ice cream stores are somewhat rare.  A treat is indeed a treat.

A mini-oasis amid the ever-crumbling, chaotic neighborhood.  The demographic shows up the world over.

Typical flavors expanded to include the likes of musk melon or rajbhog. with a topping of kesar sauce.

Similar to Cold Stone Creamery-style parlors, they had a wall of combo creations.  Unfortunately, a couple of menu items drifted into political incorrectness and an homage to an infamous movie bomb.  Lost in translation?

Fitting for the "make work" ethos of India, a separate "billing" line.  The cashier.  Finally, the ice cream!

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