Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cleaning Out The SD Card

HTemp:  37c
Rain:       0.0"
`-$:         44.37

Sometimes you take a picture and it's just a picture.  Or it's more than a picture, but less than a theme or a set. It's Sunday, time for some leftovers from the past couple of weeks.  But sometimes leftovers are the tastiest meal of the week...

The picture on the left is a typical breakfast of dosas and some powerful and delicious Chennai coffee.  Notice the traditional pouring of the coffee back and forth between canisters to mix and cool it.  On the right is a typical small street merchant with the bonus of a cute kid.

You thought those people dressed as Uncle Sam holding giant signs that read "We Buy Gold" were strange? Check out the kid clown on the left.  We would run the opposite way.  After doing a bit of city touring in Chennai's heat you start to lose the kids (and the cats).

Two shots of inspiring expressions: fruity flip flops and a potential van escapee.

It's amazing to think you're not the only people on an international adventure.  On the left are boxes belonging to an upstairs neighbor in the process of moving.  Yup, Japanese.  Sarah enjoying a needed popsicle next to a lily pad-filled temple lake.

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