Monday, 7 September 2015

Laura Lima And The Naked Magician

Imagine a mash-up of the TV show Hoarders and good old cutting edge performance art. Laura Lima has, maybe not consciously. We were lucky enough to be in Copenhagen while her exhibition/show/piece/performance/ fleamarket? was on display/running/showing/cluttering. The Naked Magician is magical.

Words can't describe its fabulousness. James' photographs won't make much of a dent, either.

Where to begin? How about the entrance. You drift into a cluttered, winding space, overflowing with stuff, quickly over-filling your senses. Bring it.

Room to room you go, trying to digest the parallel world of clutter.

Affecting still lifes appear.

More rooms to explore and an active working area, home to the "Magician," person dressed in a hacked tuxedo, busy producing more art for the piece. Hello elephant.

Dapper den set.

Someone is impressed!

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