Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Magnificent Miniature Scenes At Legoland

Legoland has plenty of kiddie rides and interactive whatever but any discriminating Lego builder knows that the main reason to visit the park is to see the huge miniature section. It's all about seeing what you could do if you had a thousand hours, a million bricks and no parent telling you to clean up that pile, it's time for dinner.


Visiting the Legoland in Europe means the scenes are of nearby places. The park opened in 1968, way before many of the modern, specialized mini pieces were introduced. The model makers for the original sets had to figure out how to make complicated models like people out of the restricted pieces that were available. Nice job!

What's a model in Scandinavia without a couple of classic Volvo wagons?

The sets have nice touches, a small beach scene, an imperfect world.

A simple scene, overwhelmingly complicated when getting down to brass bricks.

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