Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Any kid who has ever clicked a couple plastic bricks together dreams of making the pilgrimage to the holy grail, Legoland. Part of the fantasy is the inaccessibility of the original Legoland, Billund, Denmark. It's not enough to trek to Copenhagen, you gotta drive three plus hours before you're in brick heaven. So worth it.

We're here!

All aboard the Lego train. What to see? All sorts of things spun into Lego. An albino Statue of Liberty? Why not, it's Lego.

The curves, the subtle color shading, the zillion bricks.

Japanese castle, the Parthenon. What, you couldn't rebuild the thing?

Mount Legomore.

A building from Bangkok's Grand Palace, its bright colors a perfect Lego subject. Photo-Op place for one of the future markets for Lego, girls. Brick power!

Even Lego can get tired at the park.

Next up, the main reason to visit Legoland, the miniature scenes.

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