Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Antoni Gaudi's Mighty Sagrada Familia

What does it say about you as an architect that your most famous building is still being constructed almost 100 years after your death? Severe budget constraints or an amazing achievement. We're going with the latter.

Behold Gaudi's zenith, the Barcelona cathedral Sagrada Familia.

We'll save you a long history of the building, which you could start to explore here. Let's take a look at the structure and some details.

Over the doorway of the richly-detailed Nativity facade, which was built before Gaudi died in 1926. A detail of the nature-themed door.

The central nave. Humbling.

A wall of stained glass on one side of the central nave. A closer look at the columns, emulating trees. Who thinks of these concepts?

Gazing toward the heavens, and feeling like it.

How did Gaudi do it? Super computers from IBM? Nope, a simple office and, literally, a sack lunch. Work continues today and you can peek into the plaster mold area, located in the basement.

Another luminous angle.

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