Monday, 18 January 2016

Santa Maria de Montserrat

About an hour west of Barcelona is a mountaintop monastery, a major tourist destination on the pilgrimage trail. People come by the busload to take in the view and leave a little prayer at one of the more famous religious locations in North Spain.

You can either wind your car up the mountain or hop a cable car. It's up there.

The central church and candles lit in a grotto along the exterior.

One of the more interesting spaces was a room in a building that's devoted to objects brought by followers looking for a little light from the church to shine on them. Their offerings are collected for a bit. Jesus and a plant.

Dresses, French flags and family photographs. Homemade pictures of the main sculpture at the church, the Virgin of Montserrat, known as the black Madonna.

Don't worry, head to the gift shop to get your own black Madonna, whatever version you may desire.

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