Saturday, 11 February 2012

Charmed By The Char Minar

The most famous landmark in Hyderabad is Char Minar (Charminar). Finished in 1612 by Sultan Quli Qutb Shah to mark the entrance of his palace, the imposing structure features four minarets and sits at a crossroads to sprawling streets full of shops. You have to dodge traffic to get to the central circle where it sits, but it's worth it to then climb some stairs and take in the view of hyper Hyderabad.

Looking a little like a castle at Disneyland. Sarah checking out its history on the rotating sign.

Just don't do anything, OK? Don't! The closer you get, the more imposing it feels.

It earns its landmark status because there's no mistaking its ability to assist in resetting your bearings once you get lost. There are four "gates" nearby that also exude a looming presence. 

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