Friday, 17 February 2012

Magnificent Mannequins

Just like in Penang, the mannequins in India come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, vintages and attitudes. It must be a recycling, overstock re-use thing. It's definitely entertaining.

In a pinch, basic bust-sized plastic works well enough. What kind of super group is this gang? Girls with no arms, boys in dresses, freaky fashions? It got our attention, if not our rupees.

All hail the boy Raj. A regular Fellini family. How's mom looking younger than her daughter?

Dude, if you can pull off that outfit and color scheme in real life, more power to you. Are you selling the sloppy covered up look with kid in tow?

We're not sure the kid with a heavy patina is good for business. Fresh from a tomb? The Mommy Dearest store. "You will wear a plastic bag when we go out!" Smiles all around.

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