Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Meandering Around Meenakshi Temple

Sometimes what's on the outside is just as good as what's on the inside. Or something like that. Or just the opposite. Or forget it.

Or check out the scene around the Meenakshi temple complex. A handful of characters, vendors and scenes worth sharing.

A typical "wishing tree," a fairly common sight in India. The tree trunk is usually painted and the tree has baskets for blessings hanging from it. Sarah, trying not to look soaked, posing with a trishaw.

A worshipper on his way to Meenakshi. Plenty of shiny brass items for sale in the various stalls around the temple. Some bling for the home.

The sacred and profane? When it rains in India, you grab what you can to stay dry. The zip-loc hat.

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