Monday, 4 May 2015

A Quick Romp Through Vienna Highlights

So much to see in Vienna, so little space (attention span?) in one blog post. Some random highlights:

The Rathaus, a Gothic fantasia city hall.

A busy day in the center of town, plenty of strolling and shopping opportunities. Across from the Rathaus sits one of Vienna's famous cafes, Landtmann, a Freud hangout.

Green space all over the place.

And markets. Vienna isn't content to live in an architectural museum. In the southern section of the city, a new train station is close to completion.

Rain rolling in at Schloss Belvedere, just a Baroque summer shack from 1723.


  1. Gorgeous.

    Some further thoughts on (and shots of) Vienna, from yours truly, here:

    "Is Vienna the most civilized city in the world?..."

  2. Also gorgeous. Must be the city, not us.