Thursday, 21 May 2015

Art Nouveau Buildings In Vienna

Vienna is famous for a fabulous art, architecture and design period, dating from about the turn of the 20th century. Art Nouveau or Jugendstil and a Secessionist movement all intertwined and left their mark on the city.

The Secessionist Building, an 1897 art exhibition place created to serve the artists who broke away from the established art salon of the time.

Secession details, front bowls, held by turtles. Ornamentation details, golden trees and laurel garlands.

A pair of Otto Wagner buildings, across from the main outdoor market, Naschmarkt.

Elegant details, reliefs on the corner building by Kolo Moser. 

The transition between the two buildings. Nice balconies and then a garden painted on terra cotta for the building on the left, Majolika-Haus.

Another Otto Wagner (with Joseph Maria Olbrich) creation, a Stadtbahn station.

There are two station entrances, now no longer used. The little Art Nouveau cupcakes are now a small museum and cafe.

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