Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Riding the Tram and Reading the Signs in Vienna

Like most European cities, Vienna has great public transportation. Tram, U-Bahn, buses, all criss-crossing the city, getting you to most of the places you want to go. Best of all, nice, wordless signs to make sure you behave yourself.

A typical tram.

Big thumbs up for the non-sexist signage! Yep, that's a shout-out to letting DADS (and colonels in charge of chicken joints and/or hipsters) have a seat with their child. Pay attention to the mysterious elderly woman on the right.

A bigger thumbs up! The same sign, sexes reversed! Do not insert pregnant man joke here. What's up with our elderly woman? Sure, she's now a man, but not just any man. Dare we say, Freud has "slipped" in? Fantastic!

Back on the tram, faces traveling in the cars. Always in debt to Robert Frank and Walker Evans.

Freud, making another appearance. Moving on.

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