Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Graffiti Of Vienna

Vienna is a disciplined city. Don't cross against the signs. Drop litter where it belongs. The Bahn is run on an honor system - for shame if you didn't buy a ticket!

Unlike other European cities (hello Vilnius), there's isn't graffiti everywhere. Not for lack of effort, but the city powers seemed to have lost the battle to win the graffiti war by ceding the party area along the Danube canal as a spray paint nirvana. Time to take a look.

To where does the fringe drift? Under the bridges. 

The graffiti covers the area, down stairs, over walls and to the water. A perfect place to hang out!

Or walk the dogs. The backdrop does not fade into the background.

Why no love for pandas? So what's the worst graffiti? Big business or disaffected youth? Or is it big youth and disaffected business?

Some of the graffiti transcends to high art.

Graffiti as restaurant status. Graffiti as community garden box decor.

The full effect. Nice.

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