Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mulling Medininkai Castle In Lithuania

It's not hard to go all medieval in Lithuania. A half hour from Vilnius toward Belarus you reach the small town of Medininkai and its looming castle.

Not so looming, all that remains is a lone tower at the corner of a walled compound. The castle dates to the late 13th century. By the 17th century, the place had survived a fire and was adapted for farm use.

Views from the tower, not much changing over the centuries.

Inside the tower, a nice museum filled with a grab-bag of semi-appropriate artifacts. A bear? Sure.

More wildlife. Hey, it was a floor filled with hunting trophies. One of the sportsmen? He gets a portrait, not a taxidermy bust?

There's a floor devoted to photo-realistic paintings of most of the castles found in Lithuania. Captured  at moments of extreme Game of Throne-ness.

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