Thursday, 5 May 2016

Murals At The Kyrgyzstan State History Museum

The main museum in Bishkek is split between a history of Kyrgyzstan and a look at its Soviet era. Since the museum was built in the 1980s and has not been renovated/updated, Soviet propaganda is still on display.

The highlight of the place is the expansive murals on the ceilings that depict all sorts of evil doings and triumphant activities.

The museum exterior. It's the most important tourist site in the country.

"Yea! We won the war!" Hello horsey. Let the Cold War fear begin. We could show a stabbed baby, but better to go with a baby doll.

Still celebrating. And, looking at some of the sailors, still closeted?

An angry society should be a working society. Motivation through fear.

Wedding ceremony, a nod to traditional Kyrgyzstan.

Let the surreal nuclear horror show begin. Getting all Giorgio de Chirico in artistic style. Hammering the message home about who's been evil with nuclear weapons. But who dresses the children?

Leaving no doubt how the Cold War was fought in the 1980s. Now, an historic artifact.

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