Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Concentration Camp Museum, Macikai, Lithuania

When the Germans invaded Lithuania in 1939, they established a POW camp in the small village of Macikai in Southwest Lithuania. Polish, French, Belgian and eventually British, Canadian and American POWs populated the camp. When the Russians advanced, Germany evacuated many of the prisoners.

After WWII, the Soviets turned the camp into a prisoner/concentration camp. Germans and Lithuanian dissidents made up the population. The camp closed in the 1950s.

All that is left of the camp is one building, which was used for isolating prisoners.

Inside, a stark design of heavy doors and metal beds.

Office, decorated with the usual Communist propaganda.

Signs of a prisoner's life, drawings and a limited view.

About a block away is a cemetery for the prisoners who were killed.

Crosses and flowers. Many nationalities are represented and still mourned.

Back inside, Lenin, put in his place.

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