Monday, 25 July 2016

More Jewish Sites In Lithuania

The Holocaust devastated the Jews living in Lithuania. What's left behind? Head into any small town or village and chances are there's a synagogue, cemetery or both sites to see. A sad reminder of a way of life lost.

Jewish heritage tourism is on the rise in Lithuania and long forgotten structures are now starting to be preserved. History may be remembered.

The Big Summer Synagogue and the Small Winter Synagogue, Kedainiai. One of the buildings now houses a museum.

The synagogue in Sveksna. Jewish star around back.

Back in Kedainiai, a Jewish cemetery. Everything in Hebrew, no one buried there after 1941.

The rarest synagogues to find are those structures made of wood. This synagogue is in Ziezmariai. There are about a dozen wooden synagogues left in Lithuania. Preservation and restoration are moving forward on some of them.

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