Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Writer's Guild Housing, Nida, Lithuania

There's a quirky example of Soviet-era housing in the beach resort of Nida, Lithuania. Somehow, instead of the standard concrete monoliths present throughout Eastern Europe, the Russians allowed an architecturally interesting design. Think a 1960s or so era Robert Venturi-like complex.

Creative use of different materials, colors and angles. The place fits well in the low-density, wooded Nida.

Modernist sharp angles, soft garden levels. Inside, strictly utilitarian for writers there on summer retreat.

Did we mention writers? At the top of a flight of stairs, leftovers.

Accent on color.

Original period finishes, door handle and basic bathroom.

Rec room. You can imagine the place in Soviet times, all the writers gathering in this place, half salon for great reading, half a raucous drinking atmosphere.

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