Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Magnificent Metro Of St. Petersburg

If the Cold War had been fought exclusively in the subways, the USSR would have won in a cakewalk. For example, the metro in St. Petersburg is spotless, efficient and beautiful. And cheap - about 50¢ to ride the rails.

The real attraction is the decorative touches, themed stations with chandeliers, columns, artwork, mosaics, you name it, they incorporated it.

Heading into the station near Russia's naval academy, a maritime-themed mosaic.

Stoic column among the bustle. Another station, another mosaic, looking similar to grand historical painting.

Infinity escalator. Due to geological challenges (re: swamp), the system is the deepest metro in the world.

Tiled mural to the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. Imperial lighting column.

Lenin is still around, speaking on medallions.

Huge wall-sized stained glass mural, detailed with worker's struggle.

Another poet, Alexander Pushkin, makes a grand appearance. His station was the first one in the USSR to feature a memorial.

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