Friday, 15 July 2016

Old Fishing Vessels, Neringa, Lithuania

Near the northern tip of Lithuania's Curonian Spit are a few old fishing boats, land-locked and ready for examination. They're a great hands-on look at the fishing heritage of Lithuania.

Behold, the mighty Dubingiai!

Straight up Soviet-era fishing vessel. Super handsome crew.
The bounty - cans of fish. Also frozen blocks of fish and fish oil. Fish, fish, fish.

They had a cute before/after exhibit. What the crew's luggage looked like at the beginning of a job and the same luggage upon return to port. Trading clothes for nudie cards and Western gum and music.

A sad and unsurprising graphic, how much honest fish made it to market.

Telegrams and awards, all done up in finest Lenin.

Bonus, a few other fishing boats of various vintages stand nearby the mighty Dubingiai. Behold the Kolyma!

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