Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Get Your Goat On At The Ibra Souk

Nothing like hitting the Ibra souk to pick up a few essentials. Grab some cucumbers, a head of lettuce and a goat.

The goat sellers, hanging out with the product, priced to move.

Toyota, the Official Goat Mover of Oman (actually, the Official Everything in Oman).

The goats don't seem too happy with the pending transactions.

Women need to cover up in Oman and it's a rare sight to see a woman busy brokering deals at the souk. There's still room to make a fashion statement within the usual Muslim restrictions.

1 comment:

  1. I had always found the 'bird mask' look intriguing and am happy to see a woman represented in business negotiations. You are completely right about TOYOTA's monopoly on livestock hauling (goats or camels), but I was most taken aback by the families showing up to market in taxi, purchasing their goat(s) and then shoving them into the small trunk. I would not want to be the person to clean that trunk out later.