Friday, 9 August 2013

The Meat Men Of Oman

Ahh, the small town butcher, still an integral part of Oman commerce. We ran across plenty of butcher shops in the country, especially in the smaller towns. There are a few big markets in big places like Muscat, but otherwise you have to see the local butcher to bring home the protein.

A typical butcher shop, usually with an informative sign, complete with photos.

The butcher and his cooler of chicken. Oh, you want fresher? We can do that.

Some signs can give you a little too much information. "Um, I just want a few beef patties, not to see a camel staring back at me." Another funny sight. It's hot in Oman, so it's hard to have the goods out on display. What to do? Keep the real stuff in big coolers, but hang an inviting slab of wood in your shop that's painted up like a big side of beef. OK.
A young proprietor.

A slow meat day at the local souk. So the butchers hang out and relax.

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