Monday, 26 August 2013

Singapore Sites (Sights?)

If you want to see the future of many Asian (and world class) cities, head to Singapore. The small city-state is obsessed with managing its prosperity and controlling growth. What it gives up in spontaneity and organic development, it makes up in master planning.

The modern skyline, largely re-made in the past 25 years. Hello banks!

The anchor of the other side of Singapore's downtown, the mighty Marina Bay Sands hotel and shopping complex. It features the largest infinity pool in the world along the top. The large, white lotus flower building is a science museum.

After tearing down many old neighborhoods, Singapore wised up and has started to preserve its rich architectural past. Plenty of tropical colonial buildings are now restored and re-used.

Major pepper.

Singapore is typical of most south Asian cities: hot and humid. The new public gathering spaces are the temples to shopping - malls, giant malls. How about a roller rink and a canal with boats?

Other cultures have their own architecture in Singapore, from Chinese shop houses to a south Indian temple entrance, a gopuram. Probably the cleanest gopuram we saw anywhere.
Just how planned is the city? Head to the Singapore government planning office and visit their own museum to get the full idea. One look at the giant 3D map gives you the sobering answer.

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