Monday, 19 August 2013

Tanuf, Oman

Sounds (and looks) just like a ruin out of Raiders of the Lost Ark, doesn't it? Right, that was Tanis. Close enough to feel the comparison. There's nothing like getting your history all wrong from B-Movie sources. This Tanuf is a small ruin about 12 kilometers north of Nizwa.

While old, the town in ruin is actually a fairly recent event, having been bombed by the RAF in the 1950's in a Sultan-Warlord dispute during the Jebel war. We know you remember all the details.

One of the ruined houses.

Two more details as the sun sets.

Nearby in the Wadi Qashah are a couple of graves.

Also in the wadi is an impressive elevated falaj, producing water so pure that it's one of the more popular bottled waters in Oman. It's the wall-looking thing on the left. An active town has been built right near the ruins. Location, location, location.

Tanuf is also the last resting place of wandering animals.

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