Monday, 12 August 2013


Nizwa is Oman's best preserved historical city. There's a souk, mostly restored and the requisite fort and other shopping areas. The most interesting section of the city is the old residential area, Al Aqr. Paths wind between houses, some restored, most still the same when they were built centuries ago, stone walls covered in plaster. You feel like you're in ancient Arabia walking through.

Getting around means a bike or scooter, the paths are not wide enough for an auto.

Two of many unique doors.

Mini date palm groves dot the area. The minaret of the Nizwa mosque is in the background.

A front porch area of a house and a kitchen window, dishes set out to dry.

As usual, ancient and modern coexist. Toward the edges of the quarter, modern houses have been built and enough room is made for cars. Notice ruins are left to stand unless they're in the way.

Peeking through an arch or alley, a palm oasis is never far from view.

Two more doors, intriguing open or closed.


  1. Nizwa was probably one of our favorite places to wander around. Your pictures are lovely!

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