Friday, 23 August 2013

Nakhal Fort

About 30 kilometers west of Muscat is a famous scenic road, the Rustaq Loop. It's a beautiful drive, combining small towns, wadis, dramatic mountain backdrops and a few restored forts. One of the more impressive forts is the one in the town of Nakhal.

Rumor has it the origins of the fort are pre-Islam. It's been rebuilt, remodeled and restored many times, most recently in 1990. But there's no WiFi.

Two more views of the fort, blessed with a backdrop of mountains and a foreground of date palm groves.

More details of the fine fort.

Overlooking one of the date palm groves, spreading to infinity.

Interior rooms, a close imitation of a rustic B&B.

A final look at Nakhal's fort.

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